Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All Systems Operational

And now for something completely different...

The opening official post for the CVSWCC's blog. While there isn't a whole lot of meat to this one, we've got to start someplace, right?

The first order of business should probably be an introduction to the author of these posts (at least initially, until another coup d'├ętat occurs). My name is Steve Danley, and for the time being, I've been bestowed/charged with the honor/responsibility as president of the club. Our gracious former leader and club founder Skye Paine will soon be moving eastward to New York (and likely secretly laying the foundations for a resistance movement), so I'm hopeful and willing to do the best I can in his stead.

Several weeks ago, I had a conversation with Skye and his brother Barth regarding the future of the club and how to go about keeping it active. We've had 4 successful meetings since the club started in November of 2008, and the goal is to have many more so long as there are collectors still interested. In order to do that, communication is absolutely essential. The club already has an established facebook page, but a valid point was raised - not everyone wishes to be involved with facebook. My hope is that this blog will serve as an accessible alternative and supplement to the facebook page. Another potential element to be added in the near future is an email list of some sort.

With Celebration 5 looming, there will be plenty of things to look forward to and many announcements to be made (a possible CV club get-together, t-shirts, future meeting timelines, etc.). Stay tuned!