The California Vintage Star Wars Collectors' Club (CAVSWCC) serves as a conduit for Californians from across the state and visitors from abroad to connect, congregate and enjoy the Vintage Star Wars collecting hobby. It was originally created by Skye Paine in 2008 as a way for collectors on the West Coast to stay in touch and have occasional informal get-togethers hosted by various club members.


A Kenner marketing film from 1979 once proudly stated:

“Today there are more Star Wars fans than ever before, and they are all Kenner customers.”

From a certain point of view, this statement has remained true to this day. Vintage Star Wars toys are a phenomenon that has spanned generations of fans and collectors. With the Star Wars brand stronger than ever, the collectibles from the 1970s and 80s can continue to be enjoyed by both those that grew up with them and those just becoming acquainted. CAVSWCC is tailored for collectors with an affinity for that original era and the wide variety of memorabilia it spawned.



The club holds semi-regular informal get-togethers or “meetings” throughout the year hosted by members, typically alternating between Northern and Southern CA locations, with several places in-between. Meetings offer vintage collectors the chance to come together, meet one another face-to-face, socialize, and enjoy a good time. Hosts are able to share their collections in-the-flesh, sparking lively conversations and initiating learning experiences for all. These gatherings also provide an opportunity to participate in swap meets where members sell and trade their Vintage Star Wars wares of all shapes, sizes, and levels of eccentricity.

Perhaps most importantly, meetings also always involve good food and beverages for all ages!

Group Outings

In addition to meetings, the club has organized and embarked on group outings to vintage-related toy shows, shops, and art galleries. In 2012, CAVSWCC made its first pilgrimage to Rancho Obi-Wan – Steve Sansweet’s Guinness World Record-breaking collection and non-profit museum in Petaluma, CA. With the world’s largest Star Wars collection residing in our own Golden State, this trip is shaping up to be an on-going tradition.

Rancho Obi-Wan Tour - 2012


Membership is free and open to all. To join the club’s mailing list, simply send an e-mail to cavswcc@gmail.com. The club’s activities are represented right here on the official blog, which serves as an online scrapbook of sorts. Finally, you can join our Facebook Group. Let us know who you are, where you’re from, and what you’re interested in!

We also encourage vintage collectors in nearby states that may be up for crossing borders and those visiting from around the world (we call them “Imperial Dignitaries,” but they need not be old, evil, and pasty) to partake in club activities and join the mailing list.