Monday, June 13, 2011

A Mid-Summer Night's Trade

And the Red Devil’s glare, Blue Stars shining in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there…

A certain sense of despair, of something missing was soon dispelled as Don Raskin arrived to scene with a poster tube that contained the Club’s flag that I feared was long gone. Suddenly all was right, as it turns out the flag had been in safe-keeping in the state capital for the last year!

This was one of many highlights from the CAVSWCC’s Summer Meeting in Oakland. Our host Trevor Wencl and his wonderful family provided a delicious meal and a delicious sampling of bootleg/knockoff Star Wars items that were nothing short of scrumtrulescent. As always, every attendee brought something to the table, from top-quality store displays and official press kits attempting to promote and pump up the Ewoks to transaction letters dated from the golden age of vintage collecting. The meeting was full of surprises and interesting tales.

A viewing of the film Hardware Wars may need to become a meeting tradition, as this time around we were given a fantastic personal story from Trevor that involved a band named Fluke Starbucker, a music producer, and a reappearance of the famous Chewchilla the Wookiee Monster. All in all some great deals were made and the meeting was a great success.

Below are some photos from the event:

Trevor luckily placed this beacon on the front door to let us know that we were indeed in the right place.

Adam, Mark H., Trevor, Mark E. and Barth examining a 1977 art print of the Cantina

A close-up of the best scene from the poster...poor Ben.

Don prepares his wares...

One of several Star Wars-covered table tops.

Trevor grills up a feast.

Discussing the directorial merits and shortcomings of the George Lucas. Don was fired up!

Assembling the club's new mascot....

Frankenledy: comprised of overstock Lili Ledy parts and born to dance like the King of Pop.

Mark poses with a poster insert from one of his vintage model kits.

Trevor's mysterious ESB album with awesome yet truly perplexing, Dali-like artwork that combines and blends the central elements of the film. Also included are notes from author Ray Bradbury.

Justin Vidal, a first-time attendee signs the club flag.

As does fellow newcomer Will Grief.

Did the Stormtroopers just miss the first time, or were they allowing the Jawas to evacuate the sandcrawler?

Adam, Trevor, and Mark E. outside of Toy Safari - a brick and mortar toy store that had just about anything you could think of.

...including a classic Kentucky Fried Chicken model.

...and instant villain disguise kits.

Toys from floor to ceiling.

Lunch at the Pampered Pup

Trevor's awesome knock-off score from Toy Safari - a cap gun produced in Spain from the late 70s.