Sunday, August 8, 2010

Celebration V & A Brief Hiatus

Hi everyone,

Well, the time has come. I'll be leaving for Orlando in about 48 hours and couldn't be more excited. I've caught up with all club t-shirt requests as of today, and am looking forward to seeing those that will be attending.

For those attending:
Feel free to find us at the Collectors Social Hour in room Room W303 ABC at 7pm at the end of the first day of Collector Panels, as this is where we're planning on distributing the shirts.

For those that aren't able to make it, rest assured, your dewbaximus californius shirts will be finding their way to you soon. After CV, I'll be away from civilization for the rest of August on a backpacking trip, but when I return we'll be working on setting up the next CAVSWCC meeting and sorting out the shirt delivery details.

Until then, all the best!


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