Sunday, November 14, 2010

Legends of the Fall

The Fall 2010 Southern CA Meeting of November the Thirteenth was a memorable one! From discussing the ins and outs of odd encounters with dealers and fellow collectors across the country, a phenomenal unveiling (& unpacking) of a plethora of killer items from Phidias, Ara, Marty and Mark H. (who honorably traveled all the way from Modesto to represent the Northern regions) and a trio of Mexican Vader/Ape bootlegs from Mike F. to the outstanding Walrus Man museum created and curated by our gracious host Mark E. (who sacrificed the chance to attend a chili cook-off in order to house us) there was plenty of vintage to go around.

Here are some photos that pretty much sum things up:

Mike F., Mark E. & Pilgrim....captivated.

Vintage from A-Z

Stan left his magazines and bailed.

Mark H. commenting on the beginnings of a massive unpacking to be done by Phidias.

Deploy the keg!

A fantastic new Mortar Head from Mark E., and a library book entitled "STAR WARS' dealing with the defense program in the Reagan era. Sadly the checkout card was no longer present.

Further decreases in inhibitions...

All in all, a great time. Thanks to everyone for attending!


  1. Awesome. Looking forward to joining up for a future meet!

  2. Yeah - looks like a great time and on my birthday too! ;) Hopefully their will be a meeting in 2011 soon.