Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Santa Barbara, Born and Raised

Though a few weeks late as far as getting in a second meeting in 2011, the club’s recent Southern CA get-together in Santa Barbara was a very good time. Over the summer, I had the opportunity to start a new collection room completely from scratch (transforming my old bedroom in the home I grew up in), resulting in a real dream come true. This was my first opportunity to share my displayed collection with other collectors in person – people who can appreciate it on an entirely different level from family and friends who understand and support my passion, but probably think that I’ve gone a bit crazy.

A troop from the Los Angeles area carpooled up the coast (thanks for the van service, Phidias!) and Trevor W. (the most recent Northern CA host) made it all the way down from Oakland. Mark E. has been a steadfast attendee and Marty N. attended his third meeting. We also had a first-time attendee in David Carr from Orange County, who has been an active fan and collector for many years. Glad to have you!

Several varieties of beer went along with some fine Rusty’s Pizza, but the appetite was much more focused on Vintage Star Wars throughout the day and into the evening. I have to say it was awesome to see Star Wars take over the house. Several great trades were made, with everyone coming home with something new. From the largest of all store displays and lovely first shots to gorgeous German carded figures and funky Topps cards, the whole gamut of the Vintage Star Wars universe was represented.

On to the photos….

Trevor unpacks his wares.

Some of Mark's vintage model kits.

Bootlegs galore.

Mark, David, and Marty enjoying the growing madness.

Phidias and David converse.

First shots adorn the mantle place.

As does the Micro Collection.

Trevor is intrigued by the ROTJ Space Battle Display...

David and Mark take a look at a vintage poster.

Coins, cards, and other goods.

Some Uzay delights....that calculator's operational!

The blockbuster trade of the day...Trevor's 12" AT-AT Driver for the first item in his hands. (which happened to be a small Lego set from Mark)

Vintage miscellania...it's too bad that Julie bailed from the cardback and the party.

ROTJ and Trilogo MOCs for the second course.

An interesting item Trevor picked up from a recent find.....

Ugliest figures of the day, courtesy of Mexico. Who knew that Yoda and Prune Face were related?

Steve's "Show and Tell" table (just like elementary school).

Steve's new acquisitions. Thanks David and Mark!

A closer look at some truly priceless trading cards.

The Rejects Hall of Fame.

The B-Wing Pilot collection and curator.


  1. Awesome job on capturing the day. I can't wait for the next meeting.

  2. Great job on the photos and post. I really appreciated you hosting the meeting Steve. Good times!