Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Vintage Spotlight on CCTV America

Shortly before The Force Awakens hit theaters, I received an email from a producer at CCTV America inquiring about the club and whether or not any of the Southern California local members would be interested in participating in an interview about Star Wars collectibles. Not knowing exactly what to expect (if anything at all), the session ended up working out and was held at fellow member Mark Enright's place. I had curated a random mix of some vintage items from home to complement Mark's incredible model kit collection on display in his studio space where all things Mortar Heads are created. We spent about an hour with reporter May Lee discussing a nice variety of pieces as well as why we collect, and what the movies mean to us. The final piece aired the week of the new movie's premiere and can be viewed below. Unfortunately, the one bit I was most embarrassed about was what had been included! But alas, the Sigma C-3PO Tape Dispenser made a brief appearance to make up for it.

The full article can be found here: The vast galaxy that is ‘Star Wars’ merchandise

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  1. So I'm leaving this comment because I have a 4foot by 8foot millineum falcon space ship, it is a cardboard store display it is 3D and has cables to hang it from the ceiling, it's not vintage but it is an ultra rare piece and I do not collect Star wars stuff so I'm trying to sell this monster of a ship. If ur interested in it u can text me at 913-240-0204